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The main function of the quick door is heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, insect resistance, sound insulation, wind resistance, etc., so that the workshop can maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity, and a clean working environment. Suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automotive, textile, logistics and other fields.


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是指每秒运行速度超过0.6米的自动门,是升降速度较快的无障碍隔离门,及其它轻工业厂房的区域隔离及其它任何需快速出入的场所,自动开启提高工作效率。 Quick doors are automatic doors that operate at speeds exceeding 0.6 meters per second. They are barrier-free isolation doors with fast lifting speeds, and other areas of light industrial plants. They are automatically opened to improve work efficiency. With the development of products, more and more brands are entering the Chinese market, and more and more people are paying attention. For example, the fast rolling door is a kind of R & D and accurate positioning which is specially developed to improve the material efficiency flow (to shorten the time of entering and exiting) Industrial doors are mostly used in food processing, electronics, printing, explosion-proof, and other places that have high environmental requirements. The main role is to quickly isolate the air to ensure the dust-free level of the air quality at the factory site. It has the advantages of high-speed automatic opening and closing, safety, reliability, heat insulation, sound insulation and sealing.

由门框架系统,门帘系统,驱动电机,控制系统组成,安全系统组成。 [Working principle] It consists of door frame system, curtain system, drive motor, control system and safety system.
手动按钮、雷达感应、红外线光电感应、地磁感应、遥控等选择。 [Open and close] Manual button, radar sensor, infrared photoelectric sensor, geomagnetic sensor, remote control and other options.
进口高密度聚脂纤维表面镀膜处理。 [Curtain material] Surface coating of imported high-density polyester fiber.
多种颜色可提供选择,如:黄色、白色、蓝色、红色、橘黄色或全透视等颜色。 [Curtain color] A variety of colors are available, such as: yellow, white, blue, red, orange, or full perspective. Increased security and ease of management.
PVC软板,材料厚度2mm,竖条形透明或中部开小视窗。 [Door window] PVC soft board, material thickness 2mm, vertical bar transparent or small window in the middle.
9m/s(50Pa标准3×3),铝合金抗风肋条,分段连接,更换方便。 [Wind-resistant performance] 9m / s (50Pa standard 3 × 3), aluminum alloy wind-resistant ribs, segmented connection, easy replacement.
门体底部气囊布兜可与不平整地面严密贴合,门框U型槽结构。 [Sealing performance] The airbag cloth pocket at the bottom of the door body can closely fit the uneven ground, and the door frame has a U-shaped groove structure.
标准红外线光电保护,压力气囊,警示灯,防撞柱,停电手动摇杆。 [Safety configuration] Standard infrared photoelectric protection, pressure airbag, warning light, anti-collision post, manual rocker for power failure.
广泛应用于食品加工、化学、纺织、汽车、电子、超市、冷冻、物流、仓储等多种领域,无论是户外,户内,仓库,厂房,通道,物料输送通道,车库,冷库,防爆车间现场都能随处可见,常见适用于高频率进出的自动开启过道。 [Applications] Widely used in food processing, chemical, textile, automotive, electronics, supermarket, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other fields, whether it is outdoor, indoor, warehouse, plant, aisle, material conveying aisle, garage, cold storage , Explosion-proof workshops can be seen everywhere on the scene, common for automatic opening aisles suitable for high-frequency entry and exit.
常见的有滚筒式、硬质式、堆积式、冷库拉链门等。 [Category Series] Common types are roller type, rigid type, stacked type, zipper door for cold storage, etc.
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Shanghai Benzhu Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern, advanced and high-quality automatic door manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D, production, customization, supply and after-sales service. It has strong strength and serves cooperative customers all over the country to provide high-performance logistics solutions for our customers. The company has become a relatively large-scale industrial automatic door production base in China. The products include quick doors , roller-type fast shutter doors , zipper doors, rigid fast-roll doors, stacking doors, fast-stacking doors , PVC fast zipper doors, and drum-type explosion-proof fast doors. Rolling doors, explosion-proof high-speed rolling shutter doors, and other related door products. The European-scale proprietary R & D and Japanese related products and instruments introduced by the company at an earlier scale are manufactured in strict accordance with European quality standards for automatic doors. Possess domestic production technology and equipment for fast-rolling doors, learn and optimize advanced marketing experience, pay attention to emphasizing "high quality as the center", and implement the entire process of quality monitoring and service concepts. Pay attention to and cultivate management and technical personnel. After years of development and practice, the technical content has reached the high level in the industry. Due to business needs and thoughtful service, the company has agent offices in Beijing, Langfang, Shandong, and Yinchuan. It also invites national agents. In addition, cities such as Suzhou and Nanjing are also preparing. Direct sales prices are welcome to inquire hotline ...

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快速门 快速软帘门 工业滑升门 工业提升门 上海滑升门 装卸货系统 解决方案 Fast navigation fast door fast soft curtain door industrial sliding door industrial lifting door Shanghai sliding door loading and unloading system solution
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上海本竹门业有限公司集设计、生产、安装、供应、售后服务于一体兼系统解决方案的现代化先进的工业门制作厂家,本公司主营PVC 快速门和快速卷帘门,快卷门, 滑升门分别在北京、廊坊、山东、银川、南京设有代理商办事处,另诚招全国代理。 About Us Shanghai Benzhu Door Industry Co., Ltd. is a modern and advanced industrial door manufacturer integrating design, production, installation, supply and after-sales service as well as system solutions. Sliding doors have agency offices in Beijing, Langfang, Shandong, Yinchuan, and Nanjing, and recruit agents nationwide.
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